Docker Enterprise Edition (EE)

Docker Enterprise Edition (EE) is a Containers-as-a-Service platform for IT that manages and secures diverse applications across disparate infrastructure, both on-premises and in the cloud. Docker EE fuels innovation by bringing traditional applications and microservices built on Windows, Linux or Linux-on-mainframe into a single, secure software supply chain. With Docker, organizations can modernize applications, infrastructure and operational models by bringing forward existing IT investments while integrating new technology at the rate of business.

Cloudbees Jenkins Enterprise Edition (CJE)

The Continuous Delivery Platform Architected for the Enterprise. Entrust your enterprise DevOps initiative to the only cloud-native Distributed Pipeline Architecture for limitless scale and expansion. Infrastructure costs are reduced with built-in elasticity.

Kyligence Analytics Platform for the Enterprise 

A Leading Big Data Intelligence Platform, Petabyte-Scale OLAP Platform. KAP Returns 95% of your queries in sub-seconds. Smoothly move to our transforming solution to overcome your Big Data challenge.