About us


Is a training and consulting firm that enables organizations to accelerate innovation and digital transformation through the adoption of modern approaches to software delivery and big data.  We partner with the world’s leading brands to help our customers expedite software delivery.


Technical Training

Including Enterprise DevOps, CI/CD, Microservices, Containerization, CaaS, Hybrid Cloud, Public Clouds, Big Data, Machine Learning.


Enteprise-grade products

We partner with the world's leading brands to help our customers expedite software delivery and business insights with Docker , Cloudbees , Hortonworks, Kyligence


Technical Consulting

Including Application Modernization through Containerization and the adoption of Microservice Architectures, Public Cloud migration, Building Big Data and Machine Learning pipelines


Business Training

Design Sprints, Mindfulness for IT professionals

We provide the best solutions for your company and training for your employees.