Devopsion is a training and consulting firm that enables organizations to accelerate innovation and digital transformation through the adoption of modern approaches to software delivery and big data.  We partner with the world’s leading brands to help our customers expedite software delivery.


Technical Training

Including Enterprise DevOps, CI/CD, Microservices, Containerization, CaaS, Hybrid Cloud, Public Clouds, Big Data, Machine Learning.


Enteprise-grade products

We partner with the world's leading brands to help our customers expedite software delivery and business insights with Docker , Cloudbees , Hortonworks, Kyligence


Technical Consulting

Including Application Modernization through Containerization and the adoption of Microservice Architectures, Public Cloud migration, Building Big Data and Machine Learning pipelines


Business Training

Design Sprints, Mindfulness for IT professionals

We provide the best solutions for your company and training for your employees.


We feel that a new breed of technologies are critical to support DevOps and new IT supply chains. We help you by creatively integrating open source and commercial tools to deliver IT better. You’ll be prepared for transformation and be able to support your business evolution better. From distributed source code management to continuous deployment pipelines you achieve higher quality code and greater scalability.

Docker is the world’s leading software container platform and is becomming the new standard for delivering applications and microservices.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a secure cloud services platform, offering compute power, database storage, content delivery and other functionality to help businesses scale and grow.

CloudBees is the hub of enterprise Jenkins® and DevOps, providing companies with smarter solutions for automating software development and delivery.

Microsoft Corporation is an American multinational technology company. It develops, manufactures, licenses, supports and sells computer software, consumer electronics, personal computers, and services.

IBM manufactures and markets computer hardware, middleware and software, and provides hosting and consulting services in areas ranging from mainframe computers to nanotechnology.

Kyligence is a leading data intelligence company that offers cutting-edge big data analytics products powered by Apache Kylin, a powerful open source OLAP engine.

Hortonworks is a leading innovator in the industry, creating, distributing and supporting enterprise-ready open data platforms and modern data applications.

CoScale provides full stack performance monitoring, optimized for container and microservices environments.




Evento Docker Madrid

9:00 am - 2:00 pm Hotel NH Ribera del Manzanares. Paseo de la Virgen del Puerto, 57, 28005 Madrid
Estamos encantados de invitarle a un evento exclusivo en el que escuchará de Docker y su socio Devopsion, el impacto que las tecnologías Docker pueden tener en su negocio: mayor agilidad, reducción de costes y habilitación de la nube híbrida.



Plaza de Carlos Trias Beltran, 4 28020 Madrid.
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